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Development. Education. Skills. Our brand of free learning


Dar Al-Arqam is a not-for-profit learning institute for Muslims.

We provide a unique brand of free learning that combines between 3 strands: Development, Education and Skills.


Our vision is to empower the wahy (revelation). That means producing a generation of Muslim leaders and institutions that are representative of the wahy at all levels—individual, social and administrative. This is primarily delivered through our leadership programme: CORE.

What we do at a glance

The teaching instruction at Dar Al-Arqam offers unique features seldom found elsewhere:

  • We provide free learning. All programmes at Dar Al-Arqam are offered at no cost to our students.
  • We provide extensive instruction on Islamic mindsets—a category entirely unique to Dar Al-Arqam. 


  • We emphasize on the comprehensive development of students. That means going beyond academic training and placing a central focus on the development of the fitrah and mind—not just eman—and the utilitarian impact a student possesses. 
  • We recognise the subtlety of the mentoring process and its need for longevity and relationship-building. Subsequently, we primarily offer long-term courses.
  • We promote entrepreneurship in the way of waqf businesses—businesses that dedicate all or part of their profits to principal causes.
  • We encourage the institutional practice of Islam—the representation of Islam through bodies and organisations.

Dar Al-Arqam is a registered charity and relies on the generous donations of the Muslim community. Visit our Just Giving page for ways to help.


Abu Abdillah
Chief Operating Officer

See 'Current Courses' for all available modules

See 'Current Courses' for all available modules