Al-Khamsun (The Fifty)

Mum & Dad


As part of the Al-Khamsun series, we will in this term go through a set of chapters on Parents. 

This term's chapter headings include:

  • Allah took a mighty oath from us to care for our parents not [just] in their needs, but [also] in their yearnings and wishes. He decreed that we—their children—honour, love and respect them even after their deaths, and even if they are non-Muslims. SubhanAllah!

  • When our parents are old and frail the emphasis goes beyond general commandments. As they grow older and weaker, the commands become stronger and heavier. Allah employed the highest level commanding-terminology: Qada (decreed)—a past tense verb demonstrating that this was ALWAYS an eternal legislation towards all parents. Allahu Akbar!

  • The father sacrifices his energy and joy—and sometimes his own life—to care, love and protect his children. One only realises who the backbone and central pillar of the family was when one loses their silent and often unappreciated father. He is the grand gate to your grand, eternal, majestic blissful life!

  • Honouring, obeying, loving and taking care of parents brings nothing but barakah in one’s own life, and even miracles and status within a generation beyond any imagination!

  • Inheritance must be divided according to the just legislation of Allah, as He has divided it according to the general and specific financial needs of everyone involved.

  • The more efficient and effective the leadership of the society is the more prosperity, stability and harmony will exist. There is always a practical structure of hierarchy within the Muslim community— beginning with 2 people. 

Enrichment: This course not part of the CORE programme.

Date: Starts 7th April 2018
Time: Every Saturday 6pm - 8.30pm
Duration: 6 weeks
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