Al-Khamsun (The Fifty)

The Last of Fifty


We will in this term complete the 8 remaining chapters and thus conclude the 50-hadith series, Al-Khamsun.

Chapter headings include:

  • There will always exist a group leading the standard, and victorious over iblīs and the shayāṭīn — from worship, to technology, to governance, to prosperity and harmony.

  • Everything Allāh does and will do is from His Mercy. Bonding with Him with gratitude and tawbah is the least He is deserving of.

  • We all are journeying to Allāh, that is more of a fact and reality than our sheer existence and death itself! He is the UTMOST joyful person for this life and for ETERNITY the one who is yearning to meet Allāh and Allāh Himself is Loving to meet him!

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Enrichment: This course is not part of the CORE programme.

Date: Starts 12 January 2019
Time: Every Saturday 6pm - 8:30pm
Duration: 8 weeks
Registration: Limited spaces. Register early to secure your place
Student body: Open to male and female students
Tuition fee: Free

Important: Students that register but fail to attend will be blacklisted. As there is a student limit, please be mindful that a student's absence impacts others.