Al-Khamsun (The Fifty)

Husband & Wife


As part of the Al-Khamsun series, we will in this term go through a set of chapters on Husband & Wife. 

This term's chapter titles include:

  • Human beings are social beings and the utmost social delightful feelings & expressions can only be expressed with one’s spouse(s).
  • Our best and worst come out with our spouses. Our judgement with Allah will depend on our realities, so the best people to work with and develop ourselves in character is with our spouses.
  • Two people freely deciding to be together entails -by necessity- one having the final say, generally. This authority was entrusted to the husband by Allah with severe warnings when he falls short in that regard.
  • Justice & fairness between wives is demanded in finance, housing, companionship (spending time) and in character. The consequences of the injustices and oppressions against the wife(s) are not only severe emotionally and mentally upon the family, they also has a devastating effect on the larger society.
  • Voluntary prayer, recitation and studying Al-Islam in the house is the greatest practical way to acquire tranquillity and stability in the household.

About Al-Khamsun

Widespread inexperience in the positional authority of Al-Islam and an underappreciation of—including a lack of experience in—the practical processes of establishing Al-Islam has impacted the discourse and delivery of Al-Islam.

Subsequent of this phenomenon, a theoretical Islam is now commonplace where definitions, principles, concepts and solutions are only understood in idealized forms disconnected from the complex nuances of the real world experience. This disconnect between theory and practice has even given rise to erroneous ideas that only exist in the abstract and have no real existence in creation, let alone in Al-Islam.

Theory must be taught in light of three realities and mindsets:

1. Source. The source is Allah and He only gives and bestows. Those who believe in Him and work for Him should attain more resources—first and foremost for this life—that is what Allah promised them. That is the tangible benefit of belief in Allah and it distinguishes a believer from a non-believer in this life!

2. Generality. Specific rulings and exceptional or extenuating cases always fall within the generality or holistic nature of the deen, and therefore they must be understood with that perspective. 

3. Purposes. Intentions, plans and actions exist within goals and purposes. And it is goals and purposes that dictate direction and priority for both the individual and the collective.

Al-Khamsun bridges the gap between Islam in theory and Islam in practice. It was compiled with these three realities in mind in order to begin the tangible reality of Islamic Living—including its processes (e.g. institutions) and benefits—for both the individual and collective. Al-Khamsun is composed of 50 chapters where each chapter contains a verse and a prophetic report.

Date: Starts 6 January 2018

Time: Every Saturday 6pm - 8.30pm

Duration: 6 weeks

Registration: This class is limited to 15 students. Register early to secure your place

Student body: Open to male and female students

Tuition fee: Free

Important: Students that register but fail to attend will be blacklisted. As there is a student limit, please be mindful that a student's absence inappropriately impacts others.