Al-Khamsun (The Fifty)

Establishing the Wahy


As part of the Al-Khamsun series, we will in this term start a new set of chapters.

This term's chapter headings include:

  • The ultimate goal given by Allah to all the Prophets for the dunya life is to establish the wahy (revelation). And the ultimate personal goal and yearning is to be part of that establishment. That is because our lifespan is not limited nor restricted by death; it is limited and restricted by what we leave behind as a continuous ibadah on behalf of our physical self through sadaqah jariyah. The greatest sadqah jariyah one can leave behind is the Establishment of Al-Wahy. 

  • This beautiful, practical way of living is founded upon and enveloped with compassion, mercy and justice.

  • The first and foremost task is to affirm what is good and then to establish it—individually and collectively—through culture and most importantly through legislations.

  • Oppression is known and hated by all; it forcefully takes away the natural Allah-given freedom and rights of a person and a people. Everything must be done to repel and stop it at individual and collective levels.

  • Social and systematic oppression cannot be repelled nor stopped except through just and harmonious legislations, social structures and institutions.

  • Social and systematic oppression cannot be repelled except through collective effort, and it cannot be defeated completely nor uprooted except by replacing it with a complete, just and harmonious system—Al-Islam.

Enrichment: This course not part of the CORE programme.

Date: Starts 22 September 2018
Time: Every Saturday 6pm - 8:30pm
Duration: 4 weeks
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Student body: Open to male and female students
Tuition fee: Free

Important: Students that register but fail to attend will be blacklisted. As there is a student limit, please be mindful that a student's absence inappropriately impacts others.