Rethinking leadership thought and practice


CORE—Dar Al-Arqam’s leadership programme—aims at producing a generation of Muslim leaders and institutions that are representative of the wahy (revelation) at all levels—individual, social and administrative. 

But how? We believe there is a simple formula:

  1. Development,
  2. Education, and
  3. Skills.

This means that the CORE curriculum is a unique blend of three fundamental areas of learning.

The Development strand is about enhancing the fitrah, realigning mindsets and developing character. The classroom study is complemented with outdoor retreats where the theory is given an opportunity to be put into practice. In these outdoor activities students are put in situations that will challenge them. They will be trained to put into action the values and qualities of a leader which they were taught in classes and lectures.

The Education strand is about information that is typically considered essential for proper Islamic belief and conduct. 

The Skills strand refers to leadership competencies and those usually associated with managing and living a better quality of life; they help to accomplish ambitions and goals, and increase the practical and beneficial impact our students will have on their communities.


At present, Dar Al-Arqam publicly only offers the foundational level of CORE: Development and Leadership of Self & Family.

For more information on CORE, download the student handbook.


Enrichment courses function as a supplement to CORE. These are higher learning modules that enhance the development and learning of our students.

Please note enrichment courses are not part of the CORE programme. 


Dar Al-Arqam's courses are free-of-charge. Please follow the steps below to begin:

  1. Visit
  2. Browse a currently available module and submit your registration form. (Each course is clearly clearly labelled as CORE or Enrichment).
  3. Registration is complete. You may now attend the module.

Important: Students that exhibit poor attendance without due reason will be blacklisted.

See 'Current Courses' for all available modules

See 'Current Courses' for all available modules