Student experience




I’m Hasan. I live in London and I am a father to two beautiful children. I’ve participated and subscribed to a number of institutions throughout the years to further my Islamic learning and productivity. I did benefit from all of those wonderful institutions, however there would be times where I would experience a sudden unfulfillment—I would have this yearning to do more, to contribute more—and I guess that feeling was not being satiated where I was at the time. 
At the behest of a friend, I attended an ongoing class at Dar Al-Arqam. I think it was at that moment where my yearning for something more was being satisfied. I started attending the classes regularly and found them stimulating. The teaching instruction extended beyond academia into issues of social-responsibility, pragmatism and leadership; I was addressed not as a student, but as someone possessing the potential to do something beyond the classroom. I was receiving knowledge. Yes. But I also was receiving—at a higher frequency—instruction on familial and social roles; I was receiving instruction on goals and ambition; I was receiving instruction on a common vision. I no longer felt a disconnect in my dunya and akhirah. I no longer felt restricted by my narrow view of ibadah. I felt empowered. I felt like I was becoming part of something bigger. I should speak in the present tense because all of this remains the case today.

My experience at Dar Al-Arqam has been and is a transformative experience. I can only thank Allah. 
My past pursuits for wealth and status are now redirected to something greater: acquiring wealth and rank to empower Islam and Muslims. In fact, I am now involved in a business venture because of Dar Al-Arqam.
My quality of life has improved significantly and my priorities are in order. Once again, I thank and praise Allah. Even my wife is interested in the teaching instruction delivered at Dar Al-Arqam. She eagerly awaits my return from the class to hear what I have learnt.
Most importantly, I feel as though my renewed and strengthened bond with my Lord was in no small part due to the efforts of the learning delivered at Dar Al-Arqam.
I have learnt a lot from the courses delivered at Dar Al-Arqam. I’d like to correct that: I have developed a lot through the courses delivered at Dar Al-Arqam. That is because it is not just a learning experience; it is a development experience.


“I was addressed not as a student, but as someone possessing the potential to do something beyond the classroom.”

— Hasan Chowdhury