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Student Experience

Meet Hasan

"I started attending the classes regularly and found them stimulating. The teaching instruction extended beyond academia into issues of social-responsibility, pragmatism and leadership; I was addressed not as a student, but as someone possessing the potential to do something beyond the classroom.

I was receiving knowledge. Yes. But I also was receiving—at a higher frequency—instruction on familial and social roles; I was receiving instruction on goals and ambition; I was receiving instruction on a common vision.

I no longer felt a disconnect in my dunya and akhirah. I no longer felt restricted by my narrow view of ibadah. I felt empowered. I felt like I was becoming part of something bigger. I should speak in the present tense because all of this remains the case today."


Online learning
for long-distance students

While we cannot stress enough the importance of onsite learning, we also recognise the growing trend for online learning.