What We Do

Dar Al-Arqam is a not-for-profit learning institute for Muslims. We provide a unique brand of free learning that combines between 3 strands: Development, Education and Skills.
Our vision is to empower the wahy (revelation). That means producing a generation of Muslim leaders and institutions that are representative of the wahy at all levels—individual, social and administrative.
Dar Al-Arqam is a registered charity and relies on the generous donations of the Muslim community. Visit our Just Giving page for ways to help.

Our Manifesto

We do things a little differently.

We don’t have a profit margin. We don’t look for what’s popular. We don’t do things just because that’s what people want. 

And all of this is fine by us.

We believe in principle over profit, in priority over popularity. 

We believe that corporate and self-interest is trumped by community.

And we strongly believe in change that puts the right people front, centre, and squarely in the driver’s seat.

But most importantly, we believe in the potential for the greatest good in humanity. 

We operate to grow that potential. We develop and educate our students, and train them in life-skills.

We are committed to a better future. We aim to understand the dynamics of contemporary challenges, to explore pragmatic and comprehensive solutions, and to communicate this to others.

We believe that the world’s best society is made possible by people of fitrah and eman, by people of experience and intelligence, by people of skill and principle. And we believe that together, with this cause in mind, we can create a better society, so that it always and forever serves the greater good.

We are Dar Al-Arqam. And we’re not just another institute.




CORE—Dar Al-Arqam’s flagship program—aims at producing a generation of Muslim leaders and institutions that are representative of the wahy at all levels—individual, social and administrative. 
But how? We believe there is a simply formula:
1. Development,
2. Education, and
3. Skills.
This means that the CORE curriculum is a unique blend of three fundamental areas of learning.

Development denotes growth and includes mindsets and the enhancement of fitrah, mind and character.
Education is knowledge that is typically considered necessary or complementary in Islamic Law.

Skills refer to competencies usually associated with managing and living a better quality of life; they help to accomplish ambitions and goals, and increase the practical, economical, and generally beneficial impact our students will have on their communities.
At present, Dar Al-Arqam publicly only offers the foundational level of CORE: Development and Leadership of Self & Family.
For more information on CORE, download the student handbook.
How to begin

Dar Al-Arqam's courses are free-of-charge. Please follow the steps below to begin:
1. Visit www.daralarqam.co.uk
2. Browse a module from the CORE programme and submit your registration form. 
3. Respond to the confirmation email.* Please check your junk mail inbox.
4. Registration is complete. You can now attend the module.
*New courses (those which have not yet started) will require a second confirmation and therefore a second email will be sent to you closer to the start of the course. Please ensure that you respond to that email in order to secure your place.
Important: Some courses are capped to 10 students. Subsequently, if a student exhibits poor attendance without due cause then he will be blacklisted and not permitted to register for capped courses for 3 months.

Registration Policy
Q. Can I attend a course without registering for it?
A. No. All students are expected to register for every module they attend. Public events are excluded from this rule

Q. Can I register for a module midway through the course?
A. Yes. You may register as long as the registration option remains open.
Online Streaming & Recordings
Q. Are classes streamed online?
A. No.
Q. As a registered student, will I have access to class recordings?
A. Yes. You will be emailed the audio recordings every week.
Staying in-touch and up-to-date
Q. How can I stay up-to-date with the latest Dar Al-Arqam news and class timings?
A. See Contact Us.