REcitation practice

Quranic Journey - Part 2


A continuation from Part 1 of the Quranic Journey module. This part of the module will entail studying and learning from the famous text in Tajwid: Tuhfatul-Atfal.

Main learning outcomes are (1) acquiring an understanding of tajwid rules, (2) ability to recognise and apply those rules, (3) reciting the Quran with confidence, fluency and accuracy and (4) memorisation of short surahs.

Students can expect:

  • Tajwid (vocal embellishment)
  • Memorisation of short chapters from the end of the Quran (15 surahs minimum) with a teacher
  • Repeated in-classroom practice

The course assumes students can already recognise and read Arabic letters, but cannot recite the Quran fluently or do so with great difficulty and therefore require further practice under expert tutelage.

Date: Starts 17 January 2018

Time: Every Wednesday 7.30pm - 9pm

Duration: 8 weeks

Registration: This class is limited to 15 students. Register early to secure your place

Student body: Open to male students only

Tuition fee: Free

Important: Students that register but fail to attend will be blacklisted. As there is a student limit, please be mindful that a student's absence inappropriately impacts others.