Tarbiyah of Fitrah & Mind

4 Characteristics of a Muslim


As part of our Tarbiyah of Fitrah & Mind series, we will in this term begin a new unit on the 4 generic characteristics of a Muslim.

The 4 characteristics are:

  • Al-Amanah was-Sidq (Dependability and truthfulness)
  • Husn al-Dhann (Positivity and abstinence from suspicion)
  • Al-Tasamuh (Tolerance and leniency)
  • Al-Tamassuk bil-Haqqi wal-Jama‘ah (Adhering to the truth and the congregation of Muslims)

Date: Starts 4 January 2018

Time: Every Thursday 6pm - 8.30pm

Duration: 5 weeks

Registration: This class is limited to 15 students. Register early to secure your place 

Student body: Open to both male and female students

Tuition fee: Free 

Important: Students that register but fail to attend will be blacklisted